***Green Ball*** Topo Mapping: Free use for SAR units

SARTopo can be used online or offline, allows sharing of maps, concurrent use of a map, marking objects and range rings, plus quite a few mission-critical type of things for SAR.

***Green Ball*** New Android app: "CoordinatesNOW!", available on Google Play store and Amazon Appstore

I wrote this for Search and Rescue but it is useful for hikers and geo-cachers too. It converts from UTM or Lat/Long to lat/long, UTM, MGRS, and USNG. It can also snag your current location from the device's GPS and auto-convert it to six coordinate systems at once. The app is designed to be the fastest way to convert coordinates and streamlined for that purpose. Find links to it at: "SARguy Digital"

***Green Ball*** NOTE: APRS generic path has changed to "WIDE2-2"
The new path is good for balloons, aeronautical mobiles, home stations, portables, and mobiles. Fill-in Digi's (only where absolutely needed) should digipeat "WIDE1-1" callsigns now instead of "RELAY". Mobiles/portables needing help from such fill-in stations can run a path of "WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1" .
These generic APRS callsigns have been deprecated: RELAY, WIDE, TRACE, TRACEn-N.

The new rules:
Run "WIDE2-2" or "WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1" as your path.
Don't use the deprecated callsigns listed above.
Never use "WIDE1-1" in anything but the first path slot (instead use "WIDE2-1").
If you need a longer path than WIDE2-2 due to specifics of your area, WIDE3-3 or even perhaps WIDE4-4 are ok. Some people in rural areas may need these longer paths.
Keep your path as short as possible to do the job.
Keep your power output as low as possible to do the job.

***Green Ball*** To See U.S. Weather Alerts In Your APRS Program:

Connect to "firenet.aprs2.net", port 14580, and use filter "t/n e/WE7U-WX"

These alerts will light up counties and zones if you've set up the proper NWS Shapefiles in your APRS client to enable this functionality. The one group of alerts that the above does not provide yet is the multi-line alerts which Pete's WXSVR provides (over on APRS-IS instead of Firenet). Pete however only provides "Immediate, Actual" NWS alerts, while my WXSVR provides many more that are necessary to get the full picture.

Between Pete's WXSVR and my WXSVR combined, we're providing most of the capabilities of Dale's earlier WXSVR (now defunct). Please refer to the documentation and user-group help available for your particular APRS program to set up the NWS Shapefiles necessary to view the above weather alerts.

Firenet.aprs.net provides nearly everything you are accustomed to receiving from APRS-IS servers, including the AE5PL-WX NWS alerts. To ensure that all alerts are received, add "e/WE7U-WX/AE5PL-WX" to your filter. You do NOT need connections to both firenet.aprs2.net and any other APRS-IS server, one is sufficient. If you do not wish to receive weather alerts for Australia, add "-e/WXSVR-AU" to your filter setting. To remove the "H2O" stations for clients which can't easily do so, add "-s/w" to your filter.

***Green Ball*** Recommended SmartBeaconing(tm) Settings

***Green Ball*** Here's the text for an APRS Presentation geared to RACES and SAR members. Any additions/corrections would be greatly appreciated! In addition, here's a directory containing some NWAPRS handouts that may be of interest. Start with the NWAPRS Brochure in PDF format. Here's the main NWAPRS web page.

***Green Ball*** Click on the GPS or Mapping links to the left for a LOT of links that may be of interest.

***Green Ball*** WE7U's Download Site (see the link to the left) includes:

Coordinate.pm: Perl module for earth datum translations
GCC-2.81 patches for the Motorola MC68HC11 processor
A GCC library for the MIT Handyboard
Richard Cochran's DGPS software
Perl GPS decoder program (runs on DOS and Linux so far)
Perl aprsd.pl program (APRS server software)
A few screenshots of the Xastir APRS program with topo map support added in.

Also see Stephane Carrez' GCC-2.95 port for the HC11 (looks pretty complete).

***Green Ball*** Ham's might try QRZ.com, the UCSD FTP Site, the Boston ARC, the Ham Radio and More Site, Bode.EE.Ualberta.Ca, the Ottowa Amateur Radio Club, or the Satellite TV Page for amateur radio-related software. The FCC web site can be obtained through the Satellite Page as well (look for "Other Web Servers"). Motorola's Web Site is experimental, but possibly useful to the electronics enthusiast. Here is the Mobile Computing Site. Ve4umr.Ampr.Org. JNOS FTP Site. Marshall.Com. Pc.Usl.Edu. Hpcos.Col.Hp.Com. Mojo.Ots.Utexas.Edu. Ftp.Njit.Edu. Click here for more amateur radio links.

***Green Ball*** For linux files : Try Red Hat Linux, Sunsite Archive and MIT's Archive. The Slackware FTP Site contains the complete Slackware distribution of Linux, which I used for a long time. I am currently using the Red Hat version of Linux, which I highly recommend. The latest Linux kernel patches can be found in Linus Torvald's Directory in Finland. For the Linux enthusiast who is also into amateur packet radio, try the AX.25 Kernel Patches Site. For the latest Windows Emulator (Wine) for Linux, try the WINE Site. For the DOS Emulator for Linux, go to the DOSEMU Site. Another good site for Unix software is Ftp.Uu.Net. Click here for more Linux links.

***Green Ball*** For DOS/Windows software or games , try the Happy Puppy game site, Apogee Site (games), Washington University Archive (lots of stuff), Cica.Indiana, Oak.Oakland (includes mirror of SIMTEL20), Oregon State University (good site, lots of mirrors), Novell, Microsoft, or Digital Equipment Corp.

***Green Ball*** Miscellaneous sites : Woodstock Info, WWW Addressing Info, Style Guide for Hypertext Mark-Up Language (HTML), Style Guide 2 for HTML, HTML FAQ, Music Site, MIDI Site, Caving Stuff at Yale, Electronic Books at Wiretap, Mosaic RGS, NCSA Mosaic, Cornell, CERN WWW Site, Writing Site, and the CERN Httpd Server Site. Archie Search. Log in as "archie". Lynx Home Page. FAQ FTP SITE, List of Mail-Order Electronic Companies, PC Hardware FAQ. Latest HP Printer Drivers. Latest Packet Drivers Packet Driver FAQ. List of Internet Service Providers..

***Picture of Books*** Local Libraries : Washington State Public Libraries Online , King County Library (login as "kcls"), Seattle Public Library (login as "library"), University of Washington Library.