Projects and Activities

Xastir: Run the domain, maintain the server, wiki, and mailing lists, and contribute code to the project. We have 16 Xastir developer. Most recently wrote ADS-B (Aircraft) and AIS (Ships) scripts for Xastir: Plot positions using a $20 RTL dongle as the receiver:

APRS Weather Alerts: Wrote scripts to generate weather alerts (that were left out of Pete Loveall's weather alert program on purpose) after Dale Huguley ceased generating the entire set of alerts. Between Pete's program and my scripts we generate a reasonably complete set of weather alerts. These run from the "" VM.

Firenet: Generate Earthquake Objects and inject into both APRS-IS and Firenet feeds. These run from the "" VM.

Firenet: Wrote scripts to generate various Firenet objects. These run from the "" VM.

Firenet: Run two of the three Firenet servers: Firenet-2 and Firenet-3. Generic links to the 3-server cluster:

Involved in the Local County's SAR since 1999. Usually do mapping & comms but am field- and rigging-qualified:

Wrote "CoordinatesNOW!", an Android application for coordinate conversion, available here:

Designed SAR H/W APRS Tracker: Working on prototypes and hope to have them produced commercially soon:

Created and maintain a Learning Website for Ground-SAR training:

Contributed code to the "gpsbabel" project:

Contributed code to the "gpsd" project:

Contributed pages to the APRS Wiki. Hopefully that Wiki will be hosted again soon.

Co-wrote Linux Journal article about Xastir, along with my sis' Laura and my friend Steve Stroh:

Curt, WE7U