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Wetnet Mailing List Archives : Read older messages posted to the mailing lists.

APRS Uses for Public/Emergency Services and SAR

Glossary of Terms : Terms that might be of interest to subscribers of the Turnkey_APRS mailing lists.

Ruggedized APRS : Requirements and design ideas for turnkey APRS units.

Search And Rescue Links

APRS In Search And Rescue

SAR Features in the Xastir APRS Client

WASAR 2007 Presentation: "Radio Tracking Your SAR Teams" ,
WASAR 2007 Handout: "Radio Tracking Your SAR Teams" ,
Brochure: "GETTING_STARTED_WITH_APRS, Rev 4/1/07" .

WE7U's writeup on APRS at Snohomish County Washington Mock Search 2000.

AA3SD's presentation Where's that task team? Position mapping with xastir and amateur radio for Search and Rescue.
The same presentation in HTML format

SAR Wish List

Miscellaneous Links

APRS Usage Charts

Northwest APRS Web Pages A good starting point for APRS newcomers. Also see the SAR page by clicking on "APRS Info Guide" and then "APRS & SAR".

Spectrum Analyzer Shareware for Soundcards : I found this software useful for tuning up my modems. Runs on DOS.

An interesting commercially-available device: PointMan Dead Reckoning Module

APRS Client Capability Chart

Xastir & Map Pages on Wetnet

WE7U's Web Pages : Map/GPS links that may be of interest. Some are quite old, but still a lot of useful links. See the text on the main page and the GPS/Mapping link on the left.