APRS Client Usage Graphs

NOTICE: This page should auto-refresh in your browser every 30 minutes. The graphs are normally updated once an hour.

APRS Users Versus Time. The left edge of most graphs is 2004/12/16. The right edge of each should be the current date/time. Each graph updates at the same time, about once per hour. The script may die occasionally for unknown reasons, or stop due to the remote APRS server losing the connection. The script is killed/restarted at midnight local time to make sure it keeps running long-term. A timestamp link here shows the time that the most recent set of data was collected. Graphics get updated at 30 minutes past each hour.

Adjustments are made periodically to the data collection script to align it with the APRS TOCALL list. The latest adjustment was done 04/29/2011: DosAPRS and APRSPoint graphs show a major discontinuity due to this.

The intent with these graphs is to show the number of users for each client program on a long-term basis. Over time these graphs may turn out to be useful. Bezier smoothing has been applied to all of these graphs to smooth them out, getting rid of a lot of the "noise" that was obscuring the trends. The beginning and end of each graph don't have the same quantity of points (for smoothing purposes) as the middle of the graph, therefore the excursions get more wild at each end.

Linear scale, top group of client programs. Here it is hard to differentiate between the programs with less than 200 active users, but it shows the lead that UI-View has compared to the other programs.
Graph Multiple Clients

Log scale, top group of client programs. Here it is easier to differentiate between the programs, but the log scale is not what most people are used to. Note also that we can't represent 0 on the Y-scale, so clients that are between 0 and 1 users won't show on this graph.
Graph Multiple Clients

Linear scale, UI-View.
Graph UI-View

Linear scale, WinAPRS. Note the discontinuity at end of March 2011: AprsISCE and WinAPRS numbers are correctly separated starting then.
Graph WinAPRS

Linear scale, Xastir. The discontinuity in the fall of 2010 was due to not catching the new TOCALL format "APX2nn" when we did a new release.
Graph Xastir

Linear scale, AprsISCE.
Graph AprsISCE

Linear scale, AGWTracker.
Graph AGWTracker

Linear scale, APRS+SA.

Linear scale, DosAPRS. The ramp-up from Jan08 to Apr11 was due to catching non-DosAPRS TOCALL's in the DosAPRS bin. Corrected on 04/29/2011, therefore the discontinuity on that date.
Graph DosAPRS

Linear scale, MacAPRS.
Graph MacAPRS

Linear scale, Android APRS apps.
Graph Android Apps

Linear scale, four of the client programs at the lower end of the above graphs. Note the discontinuity around Jan 2011 for APRSPoint: Some other types of packets were getting counted as APRSPoint packets in our data collection. Corrected 04/29/2011.
Graph Lower Four Clients

Linear scale, digipeater programs/firmware and an igate program.
Graph Digi Programs/Firmware

Linear scale, network nodes (digipeaters, etc).
Graph Network-Connected Clients

Linear scale, trackers. Note that these graphs are not necessarily independent: The TinyTrak graph contains numbers from the "Other Mic-E" and "Generic NMEA Tracker" graphs for instance. There's a dicontinuity on 04/29/2011 when data collection was tweaked to more closely match the latest APRS TOCALL list.
Graph Trackers

Linear scale, experimental software.
Graph Experimental Software

Linear scale, "Other" clients/trackers. These are packets from stations which weren't caught in any of the previous parsing. These are mostly weather stations but lots of status and other types of packets too. Citizen's Weather stations were removed from this data on 11/20/2007 so you'll see a sharp drop at that point.
Graph Other Clients/Trackers

Linear scale, Stations transmitting on TCP and RF. I started collecting this data on 11/20/2007.
Graph Clients/Trackers on RF

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